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Sahara Trip


''Never allow waiting to become a habit. Live your dreams and take risks because life is happening now!''

In November 2015 we have organised an adeventure trip through Morocco and its breathtaking countryside. We started our journey in Casablanca and moved through the High Atlas Mountains up to Merzouga, a village in the Sahara desert. Our clients were absolutely impressed by the smells, sights and sounds of this beautiful country. Followed by an incredibly moving experience in the Sahara, riding camels through the desert and watching the colors and beauty of the moving sands.Every little step were accompanied by Karim and me and of course by my camera. So the clients enjoyed an unique and special moment while relaxing and savoring the atmosphere. In this blog I try to introduce you our journey and give you an opportunity to be part of this. When we travel, we continuously make new experience...take our breath of the air in Marrakesh, feel the hot sun of the Sahara on our skin for the first time. Premieres like this are essential! So let's go!!! In the middle of Marrakech we lodged in this beautiful Kasbah!
Kasbah in Marrakech
les gorges du todra
Karim & me
walking through the desert

    The Urban Bride

    Am Potsdamer Platz, im Zentrum von Berlin entstand die Serie zu dem Shooting mit dem Namen 'THE URBAN BRIDE'…